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Aquaculture Production Quantities and Value

In this section, you will find data provided by Statistics Canada on the volume and value of aquaculture production from 1986 to 2021. Data are organized by species and province.

Canadian aquaculture has grown over time. From 1991 to 2021, total production volume grew from roughly 50,000 tonnes to 191,000 tonnes, while production value grew from $234 million to $1.3 billion. Industry production is primarily represented by finfish, as they accounted for 78 per cent of total volume and 91 per cent of value in 2021.

The vast majority of finfish production, by both volume and value, is salmon. In 2021, salmon production alone accounted for 63 per cent of total volume and 74 per cent of total value. In terms of shellfish, mussels and oysters are the most farmed species. Mussel production represented 12 per cent of total volume and 3 per cent of total value in 2021, while oyster production accounted for 9 per cent of total volume and 5 per cent of total value.

British Columbia remains the largest contributor to the Canadian aquaculture industry, accounting for 50 per cent of total volume and 55 per cent of total value in 2021. This is followed by New Brunswick (16 per cent of volume and 19 per cent of value), Prince-Edward-Island (13 per cent of volume and 4 per cent of value), and Newfoundland and Labrador (10 per cent of volume and 11 per cent of value).

Aquaculture Production Quantities and Value:

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