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Review of the effectiveness of recovery efforts for the North Atlantic Right Whale, Southern Resident Killer Whale, and St. Lawrence Estuary Beluga, and recommendations for priority actions

In November 2016, the Government of Canada announced a $1.5 billion investment in the Oceans Protection Plan. This is a national initiative to improve marine safety and protect Canada’s marine environment, including addressing threats to marine mammals in Canadian waters.

As part of the plan, Fisheries and Oceans Canada was asked to conduct a science-based review of the effectiveness of the current management and recovery actions for 3 endangered whales, which are the North Atlantic Right Whale, St. Lawrence Estuary Beluga and Southern Resident Killer Whale.

What we are doing

DFO scientists have completed a review of current recovery activities for each of these 3 whales. They’ve assessed whether actions to date have been effective at reducing the threats. They have also identified areas for immediate improvement in recovery efforts and priorities for new or enhanced action efforts.

This summer, the Government of Canada engaged stakeholders, First Nations and the public on how we can work together to best implement recovery actions for these whales. This was done through:

The scientific assessment, alongside the feedback we receive during engagement, will inform further discussions and action planning for enhanced recovery efforts for these whale populations. A What Was Heard report on the science based review is available on the DFO website.

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Review of the Effectiveness of Recovery Activities for North Atlantic right whales
Review of the Effectiveness of Recovery Measures for Southern Resident Killer Whales
Review of the Effectiveness of Recovery Measures for St. Lawrence Estuary Beluga
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