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Pollachius virens

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Pollock are a deepwater Atlantic species, with a western Atlantic distribution from the Hudson Strait to the coast of North Carolina. Populations also exist near the southwestern corner of Greenland. In the eastern Pacific they are found from the Barents Sea to the Bay of Biscay and around Iceland. Pollock are believed to migrate to some extent, particularly during spawning. They are an important fish to commercial fishing operations and prized by anglers throughout Canada.

Species Description

As members of the cod family, pollock have a fairly elongated body, with three dorsal fins and a slightly indented tail. Their dorsal area is greenish-brown, fading slightly and becoming yellowish or olive-green on their sides and silver-grey on their belly. They have a pale lateral line running across their body. Pollock are distinguished from similar fish by their projecting lower jaw with a small barbel and their pointed snout. They typically grow to 30-110 cm in length and weigh 7 kg, though they can weigh up to 32 kg. Pollock live up to 25 years.

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