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Hiodon alosoides

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Goldeye are freshwater fish native to North America. They range from Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories to Oklahoma in the U.S. South. In Canada, their range begins in northwestern Ontario and ends at the Rocky Mountains. They are most often found in large silty rivers and in shallow lakes connected to them.

Notes: Goldeye are known to migrate great distances, sometimes as much as 1000 kilometres.

Species Description

Goldeye are relatively compressed, deep bodied fish with a small head. Sharp teeth fill their mouth and cover their tongue as well. Their dorsal fin is relatively far back-about three-quarters down their length-and starts just behind the anal fin below. Goldeye are silvery, scaled fish with a blue or blue-green back and a white underside. A distinguishing feature of goldeye is their yellow or gold-coloured eyes, which are designed for low-light underwater conditions. The goldeye is a small fish, averaging 30.5 centimetres and weighing about 450 grams.

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