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Strategic Environmental Assessment

Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) is a tool used to incorporate environmental considerations into policy, planning or program proposals.  When used early in the development of a proposal, SEA contributes to informed decision-making.  It provides decision-makers with environmental impact information for modifying the design of policies, plans and programs so that the negative impacts can be minimized or eliminated and the positive impacts optimized.

The Cabinet Directive on the Environmental Assessment of Policy, Plan and Program Proposals and Guidelines for Implementing the Cabinet Directive require departments to conduct a SEA of a policy, plan or program proposal to identify potential environmental impacts and propose mitigation measures when:

The first step in the SEA process is an initial review to determine whether there is any potential for environmental effects associated with the proposal.  If warranted, a Preliminary Scan is conducted to determine whether important environmental effects would result from implementation of the proposal.  At the same time, potential project-level assessment requirements, under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012, are identified.  If the scan determines that there are no important environmental effects, the decision is documented and the SEA process is considered complete.

If the scan determines that there is potential for important environmental effects, or if there is a high level of uncertainty or risk associated with the outcome, then more detailed analysis of the environmental effects is conducted through a SEA.

Public statements

The Guidelines for implementing the Cabinet Directive require departments to prepare a public statement of environmental effects when a SEA has been conducted.

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