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Atlantic Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative (AICFI)

Description of Program, Policy or Program Proposal

AICFI was initially established in 2007 to build on the progress made by the Mi'kmaq and Maliseet First Nations (MMFNs) affected by the 1999 Supreme Court of Canada Marshall decision in order to continue to support an integrated, orderly commercial fishery in the Maritimes and Quebec.

AICFI will continue uninterrupted, targeted measures to enable the 34 MMFNs to operate viable communal commercial fishing enterprises and to participate more fully in the collaborative management of the fishery.

Summary of SEA Results

No aspects of natural resources would be affected as these measures would not place additional pressure on the biological environment, since they are based on a process of voluntary licence retirement.

There may be indirect positive environmental effects as a result of these measures, through improved co-management of the resources that would to a biologically sustainable fishery and create more certainty and predictability in resource allocations.  There is also an indirect positive impact on Species at Risk Act, and the objectives of fisheries conservation and sustainability. The initiative does not have any direct outcomes that would have important environmental effects.

Linkages to the Goals of the Federal Sustainability Development Strategy

The proposal will directly contribute to Theme III "Protecting Nature and Canadians", Goal 5 "Biological Resources" by promoting sustainable fisheries and aquaculture through the delivery of an integrated fisheries and aquaculture program that endeavours to maintain healthy and productive aquatic ecosystems.

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