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Atlantic Seal Science Task Team

Fisheries and Oceans Canada established the Atlantic Seal Science Task Team to gather input on science activities and programs related to seals and their role in the ecosystem in Atlantic Canada and Quebec.

External Report

The external report provides recommendations on the Task Team’s three objectives:

  • input on the priorities of the Department's Atlantic seal science program including the application of technology
  • input on how to increase the involvement of the fishing industry in seal science projects
  • advice on how the Department could better communicate its scientific findings to the fishing industry and other stakeholders

In their recommendations, the Task Team members considered information they received from seal science researchers, fishing industry representatives and other stakeholders.

For a copy of the documents presented to the Task Team, please contact

The mandate of the Task Team did not overlap with the existing Atlantic Seal Advisory Committee which is the consultative body between the Department and sealing stakeholders.


The Task Team was co-chaired by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, which provided secretarial support, and Glenn Blackwood, Fisheries and Marine Institute at Memorial University. Members included:

  • Bill Taylor, Atlantic Salmon Federation
  • Laura Ramsay, PEI Fishermen's Association
  • Ginny Boudreau, Guysborough County Inshore Fishermen's Association
  • Jamie Snook, Torngat Joint Fisheries Board
  • Kris Vascotto, Atlantic Groundfish Council
  • Robert Hardy, Seafood Consultant
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