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Manitoba Restricted Activity Timing Windows for the Protection of Fish and Fish Habitat

Restricted activity timing windows have been identified for Manitoba lakes, rivers and streams to protect fish during spawning and incubation periods when spawning fish, eggs and fry are vulnerable to disturbance or sediment. Restricted activity periods are determined on a case by case basis according to the species of fish in the water body, whether those fish spawn in the spring, summer or fall, and whether the water body is located in Northern or Southern Manitoba.

Figure 1: Northern and Southern Manitoba boundaries for spawning timing windows. 
Regional Map

How To Determine Timing Windows

  1. Determine the fish species living in the water body where you wish to do work. Consult the Province of Manitoba Angling Map (available from the Government of Manitoba map sales) which details the fish present in most Manitoba lakes and streams. Pictures of most of these fish species can be found in the Manitoba Angler's Guide (sport fishing regulations).
  2. Determine if the fish living in the water body spawn in the spring, summer, or fall according to Table 1. You can have one, two or all three fish spawning types in one water body. In Manitoba, essentially all lakes and streams contain one or more of the spring spawning fish listed, however far fewer contain summer or fall spawning fish.
  3. Determine if the water body is located in Northern or Southern Manitoba according to Figure 1.
  4. Use Table 2 to determine the in-water work timing restrictions according to the location of a water body (North or South) and the type of fish found within (spring, summer or fall spawners). During these periods work should be avoided.
Table 1: 
Common spring, summer and fall spawning fish.
Spawning Fish
Spawning Fish
Spawning Fish
Northern Pike
Walleye, Sauger
Yellow Perch
Smallmouth Bass
Arctic Grayling
Channel Catfish
Lake Sturgeon
Goldeye, Mooneye
White Bass
Freshwater Drum
Carmine Shiner*
Brook Trout
Lake Trout
Arctic Char
Lake Whitefish

Table 2: 
Timing Windows when work should be avoided in order to protect spawning fish and developing eggs and fry.
Northern Manitoba April 15 to June 30 May 15 to July 15 September 1 to May 15
Southern Manitoba April 1 to June 15 May 1 to June 30* September 15 to April 30

*Carmine Shiner - This is a Species At Risk found only in Southern Manitoba in the Whitemouth River and its tributaries, the Bird River and its tributaries and the Pinawa Channel. This fish spawns from May 15 to July 15 and this extended summer spawning timing window should be applied to those water bodies where it is found.

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