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Fisheries and Oceans Canada expert support

With the goal of protecting fish and fish habitat, DFO provides an expert support function to custodians, the Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan Secretariat, and the Federal Contaminated Sites Steering Committee. This includes the provision of scientifically sound, nationally consistent advice on the risks posed by contaminated sites, both on- and off-site. More specifically, DFO expert support assists the custodial organizations in their investigation and assessment of a site, and in planning the risk assessment, remediation, and overall risk management of the site.

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National Headquarters is responsible for the overall coordination, national policy direction as well as strategic advice and liaison with other departmental sectors, federal departments, and national representatives of non-governmental organizations.

DFO staff in the provinces and territories carry out day-to-day operations. Contact those in the appropriate province or territory for more information on using expert support.

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