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Approved Vessel Monitoring System units

As of May 29, 2020, units that meet Fisheries and Oceans Canada standards outlined in the hardware approval document include:

Approved Vessel Monitoring System units
Approved Vessel Monitoring System units:
BlueTraker VMS (Iridium)
BB5 Iridium: Internal and external (SASCO)
iTrac: 101A (MetOcean Telematics)
BB1 Orbcomm Upgrade (SASCO)
  • this is an upgrade unit for the Stellar ST-2500/Quake Global QHE-2500
Thorium (Model #1) with:
  • optional Tablet display (Woods Hole Group)
  • PC display (Woods Hole Group)
Romtrax, VMS-9601 (Rom Communications)
BB3 Iridium (SASCO)
iTrac: 101B (MetOcean Telematics)
RomTrax Wi-Fi with Tablet Display (Rom Communications)
Triton Advanced (Woods Hole Group)
Approved Vessel Monitoring System units
These units are currently approved based on the original requirements:
Thrane & Thrane: Capsat 3022D (Stratos)
Stellar ST-2500 (AEL/Romm Communications)
TAB-2500 Mettrac CAN 100 (MetOcean)
Quake Global QHE-2500 (SASCO)
Voyager M1500 (Blue Oceans)

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