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Logbooks and other data collection forms

Q1. Why do I have to pay for my logbooks?

A1. Those who benefit from the use of the resource should assist in paying for the management of the resource. Some fishermen have been paying for logbooks, while others have not, which is not a fair system.

Q2. Do fishermen have to go online to get their logbooks?

A2. No. They need to find a suitable supplier, such as one of the Department’s prequalified suppliers.

Q3. Will future logbooks be available for download from the Internet?

A3. This may be a possibility. The Department continues to review the logbooks and other fisheries data collection forms used by industry and future options for printing these documents.

Q4. What if a fishery cannot find a good supplier for new logbooks in time?

A4. This service delivery change does not affect the requirement for industry to complete and submit their logbooks, as outlined in their licence conditions. Logbook keeping is also mandatory under Section 61 of the Fisheries Act.

Q5. What is the estimated cost of a logbook?

A5. Logbooks vary depending on the Region and the species for which they are intended. The cost for logbooks varies accordingly. Other factors, such as the number of copies ordered and shipping distances also affects the price paid for logbooks.

Q6. How can I become a prequalified logbook supplier?

A6. Refer to the Department’s Request for Interest.

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