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Successes and results

Ghost Gear Fund highlights

Gear retrieval statistics to date (as of February 2024)

Return of gear through the Fund (as of February 2024)

New recycling depot in Ucluelet, British Columbia

In 2020, a recycling depot specifically designed for ocean plastics, including end-of-life fishing gear was built in Ucluelet, B.C. The recycling depot is now operational and turning ghost gear plastic into plastic pellets that will be used in the manufacturing of secondary plastic products, including kayaks. Additional fishing gear recycling opportunities are being developed in Powel River, B.C.

Nootka Sound ghost gear cleanup project

Fisheries and Oceans Canada partnered with the Coastal Restoration Society and local First Nations to remove abandoned shellfish aquaculture sites across Vancouver Island.

Gear Innovation Summit 2020

The Gear Innovation Summit took place in Halifax in February 2020, and included a trade show focused on technological solutions and industry innovation to mitigate ghost gear. The Summit provided an opportunity for harvesters, technical experts, non-government and government agencies, to share information and learn about innovative technologies and programming aimed to the prevention, reduction, and retrieval of ghost gear and reduce the impact of fishing activities on marine mammals.

What We Heard Report

Natural Resources Consultants scuba diver preparing to collect ghost gear.

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