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Sustainable Fisheries Resource Advisory Council of Canada

Learn about the Sustainable Fisheries Resource Advisory Council of Canada and find links to their reports.

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About the council

The Sustainable Fisheries Resource Advisory Council of Canada is a national advisory body that operates independently from Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO). It offers advice and recommendations to the minister on fisheries issues.

The council will study and prepare advice on emerging fisheries management and policy issues. All written reports they produce will be open and transparent and made publicly available.

Regional panels and members

The council will have 2 separate panels, each with appointed members with knowledge and experience relating to their respective coasts. There will be one panel for Eastern Canada and one for Western Canada. The council will request additional temporary members if it needs to study issues related to the North or the whole of Canada.

Council members, including co-chairs, will include:

Focus and mandate

The council will provide guidance on resolving complex policy and management issues relating to the sustainability of federally managed fisheries and the conservation of aquatic resources.

The work of the council will focus on species or regions that are facing:

The council may examine areas such as:

The council will conduct its work in a manner that takes into account realities of the fishing sectors, including those that are:

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