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Quebec Fisheries Fund

The Quebec Fisheries Fund is a contribution program funded jointly by the Government of Canada and the Province of Quebec. It will invest over $42.8 million over 5 years to support Quebec’s fish and seafood sector.

The federal government will provide 70% of the funding, and 30% will come from the Government of Quebec.

The fund will stimulate innovation in Quebec’s fish and seafood sector, and support its development. It will enable the sector to rely on the following 3 pillars for its development.

  1. Innovation will encourage the development of new products and technologies in the harvesting, aquaculture and fish processing sectors.
  2. Infrastructure will encourage the use of new technologies or processes to support the sustainable development of the sector.
  3. Science partnerships will enable the creation of partnerships that:
    • improve knowledge of the impacts of ecosystem shifts on commercial fisheries
    • support the implementation of sustainable harvesting technologies

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