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4RST Capelin Management Plan 2023

Species and area

The NAFO Division 4RST capelin fishery is managed under an evergreen integrated fisheries management plan that was approved in 2021.

Season openings and closings (subject to change)

Commencement of the capelin fishing season in an area is determined by industry recommendations to the department based on the commercial abundance of capelin, compliance with industry quality standards, and the processing sector’s readiness to purchase product. Opening dates vary by area and fleet, and will be determined independently for each quota management unit. The season for each gear sector and area will remain open provided there are commercial quantities available and quota remaining to be harvested.

TAC and sharing arrangements

The total allowable catch (TAC) for 4RST capelin is set at 10,225 tonnes for 2023. The TAC will be allocated to the respective quota areas and fleets according to existing sharing arrangements.

2023 capelin fishery total allowable catch and fleet sharing
Area Gear Quota
4R Mobile, less than 65 feet 2,469.23
4R Mobile, 65 feet and greater 2,469.23
4R Fixed 3,866.91
4R Total 8,805.37
4ST Total 1,419.63
4RST Total 10,225

Management measures

The management measures for the 2023 capelin fishery will include:

Further details of the management measures are outlined in the Integrated Fisheries Management Plan.

Single or multi-year planning

This information is for 2023 fishing season.

Links to other information

The Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat (CSAS) Science Advisory Reports on stock status

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