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Eastern and Western assessment zones: Northern Shrimp management units Davis Strait East, Davis Strait West, Nunavut East, Nunavik East, Nunavut West and Nunavik West – 2022/23

Species and area

The Eastern Assessment Zone comprises the Northern Shrimp Fishing Management Units (MU) Davis Strait East and Davis Strait West, Nunavik East and Nunavut East. The Western Assessment Zone comprises the MUs Nunavik West and Nunavut West.

Dates of season (subject to change)

These MUs are open year round, from April 1 to March 31.

Total allowable catches (TAC)

The TAC for P. montagui in the EAZ will increase by 44.9% to 1.400t. The TAC for P. borealis in the EAZ will decrease by 12.4% to 10,732t. Allocations are as follows:

Eastern assessment zone (EAZ)
Fleet/ Interest Species MU Quota (t)
Offshore Borealis DS W 4,884
Offshore exploratory Borealis DS E 1,008
Nunavut exploratory Borealis DS E 1,616
Nunavut E Borealis NU/NK E 664
Nunavik E Borealis NK/NU E 166
Nunavut DS Borealis DS W 2,155
Nunavik DS Borealis DS W 239
Offshore bycatch Montagui DS W / E 574
Nunavut East Montagui NU/NK E 574
Nunavik East Montagui NK/NU E 252

The TAC for P. montagui in the WAZ will increase by 27.7% to 12,096t. The TAC for P. borealis will decrease by 22.2% to 3,958t.

Western assessment zone (WAZ)
Fleet/ Interest Species Area Quota (t)
Nunavut Montagui NU/NK W 6,048
Nunavik Montagui NU/NK W 6,048
Nunavut Borealis NU/NK W 1,979
Nunavik Borealis NU/NK W 1,979

Management measures

No new management measures for 2022/23.

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