Presentation - Updated Ticketing Regime for Fisheries Act Offences

Presentation - Updated Ticketing Regime for Fisheries Act Offences
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Setting the stage

We want to be consistent in our approach, using the tools that make the most sense, and we want your input.

The current reality

How do we currently handle Fisheries Act violations?

Looking forward

We want to expand our enforcement tools to include ticketing:


Expand and update the use of ticketing under the Contravention Regulations to cover minor offences, for both commercial and recreational fishing activities for the following regulations:

Note that fishery officers would still have the option to lay charges for serious offences.

Benefits for the fishermen

Proposed tickets/fines

Examples of tickets

We want to hear from you


  1. Do the proposed fines and violations make sense to you?  Do they seem fair and consistent?
  2. What effect will this ticketing plan have on you and your industry?  What are the pros and cons?
  3. Do you think ticketing will be accepted in your region/industry?  Why or why not?