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Exporting and importing fish

Catch Certification Audit Office, Fisheries Certificate System and country-specific catch certification requirements.

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Services and information

Certify your catch for export

Audit and review process, user manual, frequently asked questions, Fisheries Certification System.

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Contact the Catch Certification Program or the audit office.

Catch Certification Program

Operations Centre, Integration and Planning Bureau, Fisheries Certificate System, the audit office.

Audit and review process

Request a decision review, contact details, the audit process.

Country-specific catch certification requirements

European Union (EU) fishing regulations, catch certificates for Chile, Japan and Ukraine.

Importing Toothfish (Chilean Seabass)

Importation form for toothfish, details about the Catch Certification Scheme.


Trade in endangered aquatic species

Permit application forms and how to submit them, permit officer inquiries, CITES information.

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