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Economic analysis

Economic analyses help decision makers understand the impacts of resource management, policy and regulatory decisions. This allows DFO to foster economic prosperity, while sustaining fisheries and oceans resources.

Marine sector and ocean ecosystems

Activities dependent on the ocean make a substantial contribution to the Canadian economy. The economic analyses undertaken evaluate the activities related to Canada's oceans in an effort to identify issues and inform decision-making for the sustainable use of ocean resources.

Regulatory analysis and guidance

Several publications provide Department-specific guidance based on Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s (TBS) requirements for regulatory analysis. These guidance documents outline the national guidelines for assessing the socio-economic impact of regulations under the Fisheries Act, Oceans Act, and Species at Risk Act.

Fish and seafood trade

Canada exports a high proportion of the fish and seafood it produces, and global markets are crucial to the economic health of the sector. Presented here is a series of international fish and seafood trade profiles for Canada and its strategically important trading partners. Also presented are current and forward-looking analyses that examine broad market trends and expectations that impact upon Canada’s fish and seafood sector.

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