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Research Document - 2015/033

Identification of critical habitat for Coastrange Sculpin (Cultus Population) (Cottus aleuticus)

By Eric Chiang, Lucas Pon, Daniel T. Selbie, Jeremy M.B. Hume, Patricia Woodruff, and Gerrit Velema


This paper makes recommendation for the identification of critical habitat for the SARA listed, Coastrange Sculpin (Cultus Population), based on best available information. Coastrange Sculpin (Cultus Population), Cottus aleuticus, informally recognized as Cultus Pygmy Sculpin, is a neotenic form of the Coastrange Sculpin and found only in Cultus Lake in the southwestern corner of British Columbia, Canada. The recommendation of critical habitat satisfies the species recovery goal – “to ensure the long-term viability of the population in the wild.” Spatial extent, features and attributes of critical habitat are also recommended. Information with regards to the species, such as life history, biology, abundance, and threats are also reviewed and updated as appropriate.

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