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Research Document - 2003/044

Environmental conditions in the Labrador Sea in Spring 2002

By Hendry, R.M., Clarke, R.A., Lazier, R.J.N. and Yashayaev, I.M.


The 2001-2002 winter over the Labrador Sea was more severe than the previous winter but still milder than normal. Observations in early-summer 2002 showed remnants of convective overturning to maximum depths of 1200-1400m, about 400m deeper than seen in the preceding two years. Apart from the apparent weak renewal of winter convection, the general trend was to warmer and more saline conditions. This was true both in the seasonally-active layer shallower than the maximum depth of convection and in the intermediate waters deeper than 1400m. The net result is that the 0-2000m early-summer mean salinity was the highest in the past thirteen years of regular observations. The corresponding mean temperature was the second highest observed during this period.

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