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Proceedings 2009/039

Proceedings of a National Science Advisory Process to Provide Guidance on the Development of a Framework and Principles for the Biogeographic Classification of Canadian Marine Areas; 15-16 June 2009

Chairperson: J. Rice
Editor: A. White


A national science advisory process was held 15-16 June 2009 at the Royal Canadian Air Force Officer’s Mess in Ottawa, Ontario. The purpose of the meeting was to develop a framework and principles for the biogeographic classification of Canadian marine areas. The main working paper submitted at this peer review was a synthesis of existing biogeographic classification systems with relevance to Canadian marine areas.

The participants considered the primary working paper, identified and agreed on guiding principles and a general framework for the classification of marine areas, and recommended major biogeographic units to guide the selection of representative Canadian marine areas.

A total of 19 participants from various Regions and sectors of DFO (i.e. Science, Oceans, and Policy), as well as from Environment Canada and Parks Canada attended this advisory process. These proceedings summarize the discussions at the meeting; the specific science advice is provided in the Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat (CSAS) Science Advisory Report. The information issued from this advisory process represents the science basis on which Canadian policy regarding biogeographic classification and selection of representative Canadian marine areas could be based.

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