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Policies and guidelines

Policy on Participation in Science Peer Review Meetings

The objective of this Policy is to ensure a consistent national approach to achieving a balance of appropriate scientific expertise and perspectives CSAS peer review meetings.

Policy on Conflict of Interest in Science Peer Review Processes

How CSAS defines, identifies and manages real, perceived or potential conflicts of interest of all participants throughout all stages of the CSAS science peer review process.

Participant's Guide to Peer Review Meetings

The objective of this guide is to outline expectations from participants before, during and after CSAS peer review meetings, whether in person or virtual.

Note: These policies formalize what has been best past practice for CSAS peer review processes for many years. The policies are based on the principle of inclusiveness found in the Scientific Advice for Government Effectiveness Framework, as well as DFO’s Policy on Science Integrity.  They apply to both DFO staff and external participants taking part in science advisory processes. Also above, a Participant’s Guide to CSAS Peer Review Meetings has also been developed to establish guidelines and expectations for participants so that Canadians get the highest quality science advice from CSAS peer review meetings.


Policy on Distribution of Publications

The Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat (CSAS) is committed to distributing scientific publications to clients in an efficient, cost-effective way. Read how CSAS documents became available in electronic format.

Policy on Observers

The goal of the science peer-review and analyses processes is to provide high quality scientific guidance through rigorous analysis and challenge. Learn more about the role of participants in CSAS science peer-review processes.

Policy on Publication of Non-CSAS Documents on the CSAS Website

CSAS only publishes documents that have been peer reviewed. Read about the CSAS standards for publishing scientific advice.

Policy on the Principle of Consensus

CSAS peer-review meeting conclusions and final scientific advice are reached through consensus. Learn how conflicting interpretations and opinions during scientific peer-review processes are considered in reaching a consensus conclusion.

Science Response Process (SRP)

Some requests for scientific information require a special set of procedures. Learn about the rationale for applying SRPs, and their minimum standards.

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