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Proposal for Limit Reference Points as part of the Development of a Precautionary Approach for the Snow Crab Stock in Area 12A

Regional Peer Review - Québec Region

October 24, 2023

Mont-Joli, Québec

Chairperson: Benoit Bruneau


Canada has committed at national and international levels to applying the precautionary approach (DFO 2006) in the fisheries decision-making process. In recent years, Canada has taken several initiatives to define the precautionary approach in the fisheries context, to establish benchmarks consistent with this approach, and to apply it to fisheries management.

Snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) populations in the estuary and northern Gulf of St. Lawrence are divided into 9 stocks (13 to 17, 12A, 12B, 12C and 16A), and a precautionary approach is being developed for each stock.

The Fisheries Management (FM) Branch has asked DFO Science to propose limit reference points (LRPs) for fishing area 12A based on the precautionary approach (DFO 2009).


The objective of the meeting is to define limit reference points in accordance with the precautionary approach for the Snow crab stock in Area 12A. In order to achieve this, the following elements will be presented:

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