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Review of the analyses undertaken by DFO Science for the northern gulf of St. Lawrence (NAFO 3Pn4RS) Atlantic cod Rebuilding Plan

Regional Peer Review - Quebec Region

October 12, 2023

Mont-Joli, QC

Chairperson: Caroline Senay


The Atlantic cod stock in the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence (NAFO 3Pn4RS) is one of the 30 major stocks that are subject to the Fish Stock Provisions that came into force through regulation on April 4, 2022. As the 3Pn4RS cod stock is below its limit reference point, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is legally required to develop a Rebuilding Plan for this stock that meets the requirements of the Fish Stock Provisions (DFO 2021). The Department has committed to developing a Rebuilding Plan for 3Pn4RS Atlantic cod by April 2024.

As part of this process, measurable objectives, a rebuilding target and timeline, and performance metrics will be developed for the 3Pn4RS cod Rebuilding Plan. This meeting is requested by DFO Science to conduct an independent review of the work that has been done to support the development of the 3Pn4RS Atlantic cod Rebuilding Plan. The results of the regional peer review will be used to inform the development of candidate management procedures for the Atlantic cod Rebuilding Plan.


Publish a research document in which the important components of the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence (NAFO 3Pn4RS) Atlantic cod Rebuilding Plan produced by DFO Science will be described in detail:

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