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Stock status updates for Arctic Surfclam

Regional Peer Review - Maritimes

August 29, 2023
Virtual Meeting

Chairperson: Rabindra Singh


The Arctic Surfclam (Mactromeris polynyma) is a slow growing long-lived species found primarily in coarse sandy bottoms. In the western Atlantic, they occur from the Strait of Belle Isle to Rhode Island. The Arctic Surfclam fishery in the Canadian Atlantic operates on both the Scotian Shelf and the Grand Banks. The Scotian Shelf and Grand Banks offshore clam fisheries are managed under an Integrated Fisheries Management Plan, with a total of 3 licences having equal access to quotas in both areas through Enterprise Allocations.

The Grand Bank and Banquereau Arctic Surfclam stock was assessed in 2017 using a spatially disaggregated surplus production model (Hubley and Heaslip 2018, DFO 2017a, b). This regional science response process updates fishery information, previously identified secondary indicators (DFO 2017a) to the end of the 2022 fishing season for both Banks and model results for Banquereau and assesses them against agreed upon reference points. In support of the decision-making for the 2024 fishery, DFO Maritimes Resource Management has requested an assessment of resource status from DFO Maritimes Science.


The objective of this regional science response process is to update fisheries information, stock status indicators, and assess them against agreed-upon reference points and thresholds:

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