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Characterizing the effects of suspended oyster aquaculture on eelgrass in the Gulf Region

Regional Peer Review – Gulf Region

March 30, 2023
Virtual Meeting

Chairperson: Nicolas Rolland


This Regional Science Response Process is required to support the ongoing delivery of DFO’s role in assessing oyster aquaculture interactions with fish and fish habitat under the Fisheries Act, as well as providing science advice to the Prince Edward Island aquaculture leasing program and Nova Scotia and New Brunswick provincial aquaculture regulators.


The advice requested relates to the understanding of the effects of suspended shellfish aquaculture on eelgrass beds. Specifically the advice requested will examine the spatial interactions and likely effects of shellfish aquaculture and eelgrass habitat in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence, with particular focus on shading from aquaculture gear; differentiated by species, gear type, and depth.

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