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Scallop stock assessment in Quebec coastal waters (management units 15 to 20)

Regional Peer Review - Quebec Region

March 8-9, 2023
Mont-Joli, Quebec

Co-Chairs: Charley Cyr and Hacène Tamdrari


In the Gulf of St. Lawrence, two species of scallops are commercially fished, namely the sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) and the Iceland scallop (Chlamys islandica). The scallop fishery is an inshore fishery using the Digby dredge and catches are landed mostly as meat (muscle). Given the difficulty in visually distinguishing between the meat of the two species, commercial fishing statistics are presented regardless of the species. However, catches in any one area usually consist of just one species. Quebec waters are divided into 24 fishing areas to which access is limited to a small number of fishermen. Fishing effort is controlled by a fishing season and catches are limited by quotas or by a limited number of fishing days. At the request of the Fisheries Management Branch, resource assessment is done every three years. The last scallop stock review was done in 2020. The objective of the review is to determine whether changes that have occurred in the stock status necessitate adjustments to management plans based on the conservation approach used.


Provide scientific advice on the management of scallop stocks in Quebec’s inshore waters (management units 15 to 20) for the 2023-2025 fishing seasons. This advice shall include:

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