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Assessment of the Gulf of St. Lawrence (4RST) Atlantic Halibut stock

Regional Peer Review - Quebec Region

March 6-7, 2023
Mont-Joli, Quebec

Chairperson: Stéphane Plourde


The directed Atlantic halibut fishery is mainly carried out by fixed-gear vessels using longline. Atlantic halibut is also caught as by-catch in other fisheries, in particular the Greenland halibut fishery. To protect the population’s reproductive potential, this fishery is subject to several management measures including a total allowable catch (TAC). At the request of the Fisheries Management Branch, a full stock assessment is conducted every two years. The purpose of the assessment is to provide the Minister with detailed advice on the status of the stock in order to inform management decisions for the 2023-24 and 2024-25 fishing seasons.


Provide scientific advice on the status of the Atlantic halibut stock in NAFO Divisions 4RST. This advice shall include:

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