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Upper Stock Reference Points for Atlantic Salmon Rivers in DFO Gulf Region

Regional Advisory Meeting – Gulf Region

February 23-24, 2022
Virtual Meeting

Chairperson: Jenni McDermid


Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) Ecosystems and Fisheries Management Branch Gulf Region is developing a precautionary approach (PA) framework for the management of Atlantic Salmon fisheries in DFO Gulf Region rivers (DFO 2009). The first step in the process, to define of Limit Reference Points, for Gulf Region rivers was completed in 2018 (DFO 2018) based on the zonal advice on reference points and the precautionary approach for Atlantic Salmon (DFO 2015). The next step in the process is the development of the Upper Stock Reference (USR) and harvest decision rules for the three status zones of the PA framework.


The objective of the meeting is to review and define USR points for the Atlantic Salmon rivers of DFO Gulf Region. A harvest decision rule example for the recreational Atlantic Salmon fisheries of the Miramichi River that has been developed by a fisheries management working group will also be reviewed relative to the defined reference points and the guidelines for harvest decision rules in the PA policy (DFO 2009). The science advice should include a description of the river-specific information used to define the USRs, provide a table(s) of river-specific LRP and USR values, and include a section on knowledge gaps and uncertainties. A review of the example harvest decision rule for the recreational fisheries of the Miramichi River, for its conformity to the PA policy, will also be provided.

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