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Assessment of the Status of LFA 27-33 Lobster Stocks

Maritimes Regional Science Advisory Process

21-22 July 2011
Dartmouth, NS

Chairperson: Ross Claytor


The status of the lobster resources in Lobster Fishing Areas (LFAs) 27-33 was last assessed in 2004. Fisheries and Aquaculture management has requested updated information on the status of the LFA 27-33 lobster stocks.  A framework meeting was held from February 1-3, 2011, to establish the scientific basis for the provision of management advice for these stocks (DFO. 2011). This current assessment meeting will provide an update of the status of the LFA 27-33 lobster stocks following the new assessment framework.


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References Cited

DFO.  2011.  Proceedings of the Maritimes Region Science Advisory Process to Review the Assessment Framework for Lobster Fishing Areas (LFA) 27-33 Lobster; February 1-3, 2011. DFO Can. Sci. Advis. Sec. Proceed. Ser. 2011/021: iv + 28p.


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