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Identification of Atlantic surfclam fishing areas off Grosse-Île (Magdalen Islands, Quebec) to avoid impacting lobster habitat

Quebec Region Science Special Response Process (SSRP)

Mont-Joli, Qc
June 1, 2011

Chairperson: Charley Cyr


The economy in the Magdalen Islands is based on commercial fishing, but particularly on coastal species. With the decreased access to many offshore stocks (pelagic fish, groundfish, snow crab), the coastal area surrounding the archipelago is increasingly sought, increasing the likelihood of conflicts between different users. In fact, exceptionally serious conflicts took place in 2009 in the Grosse-Île area between Atlantic surfclam and lobster fishermen. In 2009, Atlantic surfclam fishermen, which for several years had focused their activities on the south side of the Islands, began to explore new areas between Pointe-de-l’Est and Grosse-Île. The arrival of these new fishermen using mobile gear in the vicinity of traditional lobster fishing grounds angered lobster fishermen who called for an end to this activity. Their concern was that the recurring passage of dredges could damage lobster habitat and potentially reduce lobster productivity. Fisheries Management is sensitive to this concern and they would like to introduce measures for managing the Atlantic surfclam fishery, and more typically the mobile gear fishery.


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