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4X5 Pollock Management Strategy Evaluation

Maritimes Regional Science Advisory Process

9-10 May 2011
St. Andrews, New Brunswick

Co-Chairs: Julie Porter and Stefan Leslie


There has been consideration by Fisheries Management (FM) and industry to manage pollock in the Canadian portion of 4X5 using more of a risk management approach.  In July 2010, FAM discussed a Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) approach with Science and industry, with management objectives and harvest control rules specified up front.  In December 2010 the approach began with a process to explore the existing assessment model (VPA), to understand the sources of uncertainty by running sensitivity analyses for a plausible range of variables for the key areas of uncertainty, and evaluating their impact on both utilization and sustainability objectives.

The 4X5 Pollock Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) Workshop was held 9-10 December 2010, at the St. Andrews Biological Station, St. Andrews, New Brunswick (Porter and Docherty 2011). Participants included DFO staff (Science and Fisheries Management branches), Industry, and external experts. The objectives of the workshop were to gain a better understanding of the MSE process and to progress towards development of a structure on which recommendations will be based for risk management of 4X5 pollock.  A set of 12 Operating Models was agreed upon.  Industry and Fisheries Management participants agreed to several management objectives to be evaluated in the MSE.  A 5-month workplan was established.  It was agreed that the next step would be a RAP meeting.


The objective of this RAP meeting is to complete the 4X5 pollock MSE on which recommendations will be based for risk management of 4X5 pollock, and to identify where to focus future research efforts to provide the greatest improvements to management advice.

Expected Publications

CSAS Science Advisory Report
CSAS Proceedings
CSAS Research Document


DFO Science, Maritimes
DFO FAM, Maritimes
Industry Representatives/Experts
International MSE Experts

References Cited

Porter, J.M., and V. Docherty (Chairpersons). 2011. Proceedings of 4X5 Pollock Management Strategy Evaluation Workshop – 2010. Can. Manuscr. Rep. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 2945: iv + 158 p. (  Accessed March 31, 2011).


Participation to CSAS peer review meetings is by invitation only.

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