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2011 Fraser River Sockeye and Pink Salmon Forecast

Pacific Regional Science Advisory Process

February 4, 2011
Nanaimo, British Columbia

Chairperson: Michael Chamberlain


The Regional Advisory Meeting (RAP) will review the 2011 abundance forecasts for Fraser River Sockeye and Pink salmon.  Fraser River Sockeye abundance forecasts are requested annually and Pink salmon abundance forecasts are requested bi-annually by Fisheries and Aquaculture Management for pre-season fisheries planning activities.  The 2011 forecast estimates for Sockeye salmon use methods described and reviewed by the Centre for Science Advice Pacific Region (CSAP) in March 2010.  Abundance forecasts will be used to inform pre-season fisheries management scenarios.


The objectives for the review of the Scientific Advisory Report (SAR) are to:

Expected Publications

CSAS Science Advisory Report (1)
CSAS Proceedings


DFO Science Branch
DFO Fisheries and Aquaculture Management Branch
Non-Government Organizations
First Nations Organizations
Commercial and Recreational Fishing Interests

References Cited

DFO. 2010.  Pre-season run size forecasts for Fraser River Sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) in 2010.  DFO Can. Sci. Advis. Sec. Res. Doc. 2010/042.


Participation to CSAS peer review meetings is by invitation only.

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