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Research Document - 2012/105

Reference points for eastern Canadian redfish (Sebastes) stocks

By D.E. Duplisea, D. Power, and P. Comeau


Redfish, Sebastes mentella and Sebastes fasciatus, support relatively small yet important fisheries in Atlantic Canada. Canada has committed to providing a precautionary approach framework for all fisheries and redfish having just been evaluated by COSEWIC and a recovery potential assessment undertaken by DFO (McAllister and Duplisea 2011), conditions are right for PA reference point development. Here we calculate limit reference points and suggest other reference points applying a range of methods using data currently available. The primary method utilised for determining reference points was a state-space Bayesian Schaeffer surplus production model used in the RPA. In addition, empirical reference points based on properties of the survey time series were also derived where possible. Suites of reference points for stocks from various methods were then compiled. Finally, the most appropriate suites of reference points were identified through peer-review and were put forward for each stock.

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