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Proceedings 2020/019

Proceedings of the zonal peer review of the twenty-second Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Zone Monitoring Program (AZMP); April 20-21, 2020

Chairperson: Peter S. Galbraith

Editors: Jean-Luc Shaw and Peter S. Galbraith


The Atlantic Zone Monitoring Program (AZMP) was implemented in 1998 with the aim of collecting and analyzing the biological, chemical, and physical field data that are necessary to:

  1. Characterize and understand the causes of oceanic variability at the seasonal, inter-annual, and decadal scales;
  2. Provide multidisciplinary data sets that can be used to establish relationships among the biological, chemical, and physical variables; and
  3. Provide adequate data to support the sound development of ocean activities.

AZMP scientists usually meet annually to review the activities of the Program and assess business, operational and logistic issues that need regional/zonal intervention, or that must be brought to the attention of the DFO Atlantic Science Directors’ Committee. The year 2009 marked the 10th anniversary of ocean observation by AZMP. In March 2010, AZMP scientists initiated an effort to synthesize and integrate the oceanographic conditions observed in the Atlantic Zone since 1999, to identify trends or changes, and to provide a critical assessment of the information available. In 2014, the Atlantic Zone Offshore Monitoring Program (AZOMP) began providing an overview of the oceanographic conditions in the Labrador Sea. In 2019, aspects of ocean acidification were included. In 2020, the AZMP scientists reconvened by teleconference on April 20 and 21st with limited scope compared to last face-to-face annual meetings to review oceanographic conditions that prevailed in 2019 within the zone and draft a summary as a Science Advisory Report.

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