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Proceedings 2012/012

Proceeding of the zonal peer review meeting on the Precautionary Approach Reference Points for Atlantic Redfish (Sebastes fasciatus, S. mentella) Populations; October 25-27, 2011

Chairperson: D. Gascon
Rapporteur: S. Dubé


This document contains the proceedings from the meeting held within the Zonal Advisory Process on the Precautionary Approach Reference Points for Atlantic Redfish(Sebastes fasciatus, S. mentella) Populations. This review process was held on October 25 to October 27, 2011, at the Maurice Lamontagne Institute in Mont-Joli and gathered about thirty participants from sciences to management to industry. This proceeding contains the essential parts of the presentations and discussions held and relates the main recommendations and conclusions that were presented.

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