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Proceedings 2012/006

National Science Advisory Meeting on Science-based Encounter Protocol Framework for Corals and Sponges; March 15-18, 2011

Co-Chairs: Bill Brodie and Andrea White
Editor: Andrea White


Canada is committed domestically and internationally to conserve, manage, and exploit fish stocks in a sustainable manner, as well as to manage the impacts of fishing on sensitive benthic areas and vulnerable marine ecosystems – including coldwater corals and sponges. Under the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 61/105, States and Regional Fisheries Management Organisations and Arrangements are instructed that they should have an appropriate protocol identified in advance for how fishing vessels should respond to encounters with vulnerable marine ecosystem in the course of fishing operations.

A national science advisory meeting was held March 15-18, 2011 in Ottawa, Ontario to develop guidance on a science-based encounter protocol framework for corals and sponges. Participants included experts from various sectors and Regions of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), industry stakeholders, environmental non-governmental organisations (ENGO), the fisheries observer program, and academia.

Scientific advice concerning the necessary components and considerations for the development of a science-based encounter protocol was provided is available, along with this document and related Research Documents, on the Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat website. The information issued from this science advisory process represents the scientific basis on which a science-based encounter protocol for corals and sponges, along with related policies and management decisions, can be developed.

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