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Proceedings 2011/023

Regional Science Advisory Process on the State of the Pacific Ocean 2010/ Fisheries and Oceanography Working Group (FOWG) Meeting; February 23-24, 2011

Chairpersons: W.R. Crawford, and J.R. Irvine
Rapporteur: A. Ross


The Pacific Region supports important resident and migratory populations of invertebrates, pelagic and groundfish, marine mammals and seabirds. Monitoring of the physical and biological oceanographic conditions and fishery resources in this Region is carried out on a semi-regular basis to understand the natural variability of these ecosystems and how they respond to natural and anthropogenic stresses. Annual State of the Pacific Ocean reports overview these conditions and are used by Fisheries and Oceans Canada to inform resource assessments and risk-based management decisions. The report on the State of the Pacific Ocean for 2010 (the 12th such annual report) was presented by members of the Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada (DFO) Fisheries and Oceanography Working Group (FOWG) and other contributing organizations, at the Institute of Ocean Sciences in Sidney, BC on February 23 - 24, 2011. This Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat, Regional Advisory Process was chaired by Jim Irvine and Bill Crawford of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Participants included representatives of the aforementioned government departments; Canadian and American fisheries and climate scientists from contributing academic institutions and other government departments; and representatives from commercial and non-governmental organizations. In accordance with the Terms of Reference (Appendix C), Day 2 of the meeting featured presentations from the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management region (PNCIMA) and concluded with an open-forum discussion, as summarized in these Proceedings.

This Proceedings report summarizes the relevant discussions and presents the key conclusions reached at the meeting. Additional publications, including a science advisory report and research document, from this process will be posted as they become available on the DFO Science Advisory Schedule.

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