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Response to Cohen Commission

In 2009, Canada established the Cohen Commission of Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon in the Fraser River. The goal was to investigate the decline of sockeye salmon stocks and provide recommendations.

The commission’s final report, The Uncertain Future of Fraser River Sockeye, includes 75 recommendations on a range of issues.

Since the report published in October 2012, Fisheries and Oceans Canada has acted on all of the recommendations. We're committed to continuing this important work moving forward.

Work to support Cohen Commission’s recommendation 19


2018 Cohen response status update

Final update on recommendations.

2017 Cohen response status update

A status update on recommendations.

2016 progress report

A detailed account of our progress on each recommendation.

Cohen Commission final report

Recommendations to improve the future sustainability of the sockeye salmon fishery in the Fraser River.

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