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Aquaculture Innovation and Market Access Program 2011/2012 projects

2011–2012 Aquaculture Innovation and Market Access Program Project Overviews
Project code Title Recipient Total project cost  Total funding
Newfoundland Region
AIMAP-2011-N01 Increasing vacuum packaging efficiencies in blue mussel processing Allen's Fisheries Ltd. $773,016 $96,000
AIMAP-2011-N02 Development of an innovative biosecure recirculation facility for sustained production of high quality raw material and smolt Northern Harvest Smolt Ltd. $14,250,000 $500,000
AIMAP-2011-N03 Aquaculture technology implementation Newfoundland Aqua Service Ltd. $200,532 $112,500
Maritimes Region
AIMAP-2011-M01 Development of an automatic distribution system for live feed, microdiets and prophylactic treatments for sturgeon larvae and early juveniles Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar Inc. $243,550 $77,000
AIMAP-2011-M03 Utilization of the cunner (Tautogolabrus adspersus), a wrasse, as a means for sea lice removal and control in commercial salmon farms Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd. $160,878 $70,124
Gulf Region
AIMAP-2011-G01 New and innovative equipment for mussel processing P.E.I. Mussel King Inc. $6,300,000 $450,000
AIMAP-2011-G02 A project to develop and introduce automated, digital imaging technology to the grading process in Canadian mussel plants Confederation Cove Mussels Co. Ltd. $625,250 $313,500
AIMAP-2011-G05 A pilot-scale wet-holding installation for increasing bay scallops sales Étang Ruisseau Bar Ltd. $133,040 $66,020
AIMAP-2011-G06 Optimization of the quality assurance process for the marketing of N.B. oysters La Maison BeauSoleil (2010) Inc. $310,757 $112,000
Quebec Region
AIMAP-2011-Q01 Optimization of hatchery-nursery practices for production of sea scallop spat in 10 m³ tanks Fermes Marines du Québec inc. $96,540 $17,750
AIMAP-2011-Q02 Construction and evaluation of a new sludge and floating materials concentrator by use of sedimentation and mechanical recovery suitable for fish farming Ferme Piscicole des Bobines inc. $62,120 $28,800
AIMAP-2011-Q04 Adaptation of operations management software and “Le Mariculteur” mMussel farming equipment Pec-Nord Inc. $40,423 $23,441
AIMAP-2011-Q07 Design and validation of a new generation of breeding pond that permits rapid recovery of fish waste Pisciculture Gilbert inc. $154,000 $78,200
Central and Arctic Region
AIMAP-2011-CA01 Optimization of commercial feed adapted for the Canadian model aqua-farm Well Water Aqua Ltd. $242,524 $67,000
AIMAP-2011-CA02 Development of hatchery and advanced fingerling innovations to compliment North Shore Fish Farms advanced indoor yellow perch recirculating aquaculture system and grow-out technologies North Shore Fish Farms Ltd. $351,000 $70,000
Pacific Region
AIMAP-2011-P01 Sea lice vaccines for salmonid aquaculture Pfizer Canada Inc. $192,003 $32,000
AIMAP-2011-P02 Proof of concept of a scalable hatchery system using modular principles to increase production and survival for commercially important Mytilus species Island Sea Farms Inc. $790,729 $205,000
AIMAP-2011-P03 An innovative approach for seed sorting in small farm operations Little Wing Oysters Ltd. $126,580 $55,000
AIMAP-2011-P05 Sturgeon: Canada's diversified freshwater aquaculture industry - Phase 2 Target Marine Hatcheries Ltd. $132,400 $49,900
AIMAP-2011-P07 Marine hatchery water conditioning module Sablefish Canada Inc. $905,711 $200,000
AIMAP-2011-P09 Namgis Land-based Atlantic Salmon Recirculating Aquaculture System Pilot Project K'udas Limited Partnership $8,031,000 $800,000
AIMAP-2011-P12 Heiltsuk farmed scallop live-holding system for harvest and transport and scallop farm productivity improvements Coastal Shellfish Corporation $483,125 $185,250
AIMAP-2011-P13 Metlakatla scallop farm anchoring system and production system Coastal Shellfish Corporation $232,787 $101,000
AIMAP-2011-P16 Development of a comprehensive fish waste utilization system that produces two products; nutraceutical fish oil and organic fish fertilizer West Coast Fishculture Ltd. $649,115 $155,000
AIMAP-2011-P17 Introduction of commercial shell crushing technology to the BC oyster aquaculture industry Taylor Shellfish Canada ULC $128,650 $63,100
AIMAP-2011-P18 Remodeling the scallop lantern net Island Scallops Ltd. $57,992 $25,000
AIMAP-2011-P19 Geoduck grow-out using an iInnovative suspended culture technique Maplestar Seafood Ltd. $60,520 $31,000
Subtotal innovation $35,734,242 $3,984,585
Market access (national)
AIMAP-2011-MA01 Aboriginal principles for sustainable aquaculture (APSA), Program 3: branding and marketing Aboriginal Aquaculture Association $88,671 $66,210
AIMAP-2011-MA02 Research and development coordinator training in environmental management systems to assist aquaculture industry certification PEI Aquaculture Alliance $33,549 $13,100
AIMAP-2011-MA03 Continued market access for Alberta commercial aquaculture producers through the development of fish health management plans Alberta Aquaculture Association $26,400 $10,000
Subtotal market access $148,620 $89,310
Total $35,882,862 $4,073,895
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