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Joint statement between Canada, Chile, Norway, and Scotland on Aquaculture

Canada, Chile, Norway and Scotland (hereinafter referred to as the “Participants”),

Recognize the importance of seafood from aquaculture as a contributor to global food security and as a safe, nutritious, and healthy food source around the world;

Recognize that demand for food will increase as the world’s population is predicted to grow to 9 billion by 2050, and that seafood production must increase substantially to meet the needs of this expanded population;

Believe that future growth in seafood production will come from aquaculture;

Recognize the value and economic contribution of the aquaculture industry, particularly to our rural and coastal communities;

Believe that there is a potential in our countries and elsewhere for increased aquaculture production;

Recognize that growth in aquaculture production must be environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

As a result, the Participants intend to continue to cooperate in order to secure the sustainable, long-term development of our respective aquaculture industries by:

To meet this goal, the Participants undertake to continue to work together, both as four Participants working together and through bilateral arrangements between individual Participants.

Signed in quadruplicate, at Ottawa this 31 day of July 2015 and at Trondheim, on this 16 day of August 2015, in the English, French, Norwegian, and Spanish languages, each version being equally valid.


(Signed by the Minister, Fisheries and Oceans)

(Signed by the Undersecretary, Fisheries and Aquaculture)

(Signed by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Fisheries)

(Signed by the Minister, Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform)

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