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Consultation for engagement on a potential Aquaculture Act: Closed consultation

Current status: Closed

This consultation ran from March 1 to December 21, 2019.
See the what we heard report for a summary of the feedback received.

Who was the focus of this consultation

The Government of Canada engaged with:

Key questions for discussion

We’re working closely with provincial and territorial partners on the development of proposed legislation through the Strategic Management Committee on Aquaculture under the Canadian Council of Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers.

Based on input received from by Indigenous peoples, partners, stakeholders and the general public through previous engagement, the proposed Aquaculture Act is expected to:

Please provide feedback on any other issues you feel should be addressed in the proposed Aquaculture Act.

The input gathered through this process will be considered in the creation of the proposed Aquaculture Act.

Proposed Aquaculture Act skeleton

We’re proposing that the new Aquaculture Act adhere to the following breakdown.

Preamble and purpose

The preamble section would explain the underlying philosophy of the act.

The purpose section would explain what the act is trying to achieve.


The interpretation section of the act would include definitions of terms that are critical to understand the act’s clauses.

The application section would define what is subject to the act.

Agreements, programs and projects

The agreements, programs and projects section usually lays out the various authorities for administrative arrangements, such as:


The zoning section would provide the authority to designate areas for the culturing of aquatic organisms, such as:


The regulations section would contain most of the regulation-making authorities under the act. It would also provide the authority to incorporate national standards into regulations.

Leases, licences and fees

The leases, licences and fees section would provide the authorities for:

The scope of application of the authorities (such as geographically) would be explained in regulations made under the act.

Environmental management

The environmental management section would provide authorities and prohibitions related to fish habitat protection and the deposit of herbicides and pesticides (deleterious substances).

It would also provide authorities to require plans and other information from industry to better assess impacts of proposals.

Reporting requirements

The reporting requirements section would require proponents to record and report data on aspects of their operations.

Offences, punishment and ticketing

The offences, punishment and ticketing section would contain provisions on aquaculture-specific offences, their punishment, and the authorities to apply penalties and forfeitures, such as issuing tickets.


The enforcement section would provide authorities to designate personnel and provide them with defined powers, such as those that allow them to investigate, search and seize.

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