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Detailed instructions to apply for introduction or transfer of fish and/or access to wild aquatic resources for aquaculture

This application is only applicable for introduction or transfers of live fish into and within British Columbia. Before submitting an application, please review the information provided on the BC ITC website. Clicking on the underlined headers will open a link to helpful websites. If additional space is required to provide necessary information, please include it as an attachment to the application.

Any field marked with * indicates that it is a required field.

1. Applicant information*

Please provide your business contact information. All fields are required.

2. Purpose of transfer*

Select the purpose of the transfer from the drop down menu. If you do not see your purpose listed, please select “other-specify” and the purpose in the text box below.

3. Species information for introduction or transfer

Complete the information for the species you wish to transfer and ensure that the information included in row 1 of the first table corresponds to row 1 of the second table. Information regarding the same species should be reflected across both tables. Please note that all information in this section should be in reference to the source of the fish. Add rows as required.

4. Access to wild aquatic resources for aquaculture purposes*

See instructions on the form. If you are not requesting collection of wild species for aquaculture purposes, please click on the check box "Access not required, continue to section 5". The Access to Wild Aquatic Resources for Aquaculture Purposes application should be submitted together with the I&T application.

5. Introduction and/or transfer of fish

Please note, a fee of $30 will be will be applied and processed by Front Counter B.C. for the transport of freshwater fish native or non-native to B.C. Exceptions include transport for the purposes of live food trade, aquariums, and transfers of Pacific salmon. No fee is required for marine fish transfers by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Please complete the Front Counter B.C. payment form and submit with this application, if applicable.


The application will not be considered if the acknowledgement boxes are incomplete. You must be 19 years of age or older to make an application for a permit under the Wildlife Act for freshwater fish transport.

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