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Sustainable Fisheries Framework Work Plan

The Sustainable Fisheries Framework Work Plan was developed as a response to an October 2016 Report by the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development. The report recommended that Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) should:

  1. set out priorities, targets, and timelines for putting in place Integrated Fisheries Management Plans for all major fish stocks
  2. set out priorities and timelines for establishing the reference points at which the major stocks it manages can be considered healthy, in the cautious zone, or in the critical zone
  3. set out priorities and timelines for identifying the measures to be taken if a major stock falls below a certain level, where this has not yet been done, so that sustainable fishing limits can be determined with greater certainty

Each year, DFO develops a work plan and reports on our priorities and targets regarding the sustainable management of Canada’s marine resources.








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