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Blue Economy Strategy engagement

Current status: closed

This engagement ran from February 8 to June 15, 2021.

The Government of Canada will develop a strategic framework to guide future actions and investments that will help grow our ocean economy, while advancing our conservation objectives.

Who was the focus of this engagement

The Government of Canada engaged with:

Key questions for discussion

Canada’s blue economy is an important part of regional economies and the broader national economy. Our ocean sectors have the potential to drive sustainable economic growth and support the creation of more jobs in coastal and Indigenous communities while advancing innovation.

Your ideas and input were sought around the following 3 main themes/topics:

  1. Focusing Canada’s Blue Economy on Growth and Prosperity for All
  2. Positioning Canada’s Blue Economy for Growth and Success
  3. Advancing Sustainable and Prosperous Ocean Sectors in Canada

There were also a few overarching questions located at the end of the engagement paper.

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