Widow Rockfish

Latin Name

Sebastes entomelas

Group Name


Taxonomy details


Widow rockfish are a marine species of fish found off the west coast of North America. They range from Alaska to southern California, living in rocky, high relief areas close to the continental shelf. Widow rockfish occur at depths ranging from about 50 to 400 metres. Like other rockfish on the Pacific coast, widow rockfish have a high commercial value. They are fished extensively in Canada, particularly off the northern coast of Vancouver Island and in Queen Charlotte Sound.

Species Description

Widow rockfish have a fairly short, robust body with a large head and a mouth with a protruding lower jaw. They have a dorsal fin made up of a rough and spiny portion and a smoother, flat portion which is angled forward. They have large pectoral fins and a tail fin with a slight indent. Widow rockfish can live for as long as 60 years.