Aquatic Species at Risk

Canada's Species at Risk Act (SARA) was created to protect wildlife species at risk, including fish, reptiles, marine mammals and molluscs. Find out what it means for you, especially if you are a commercial fisher, aquaculturist, recreational fisher, recreational boater, Aboriginal, scientist, researcher or involved in an activity that might impact the habitat of aquatic species at risk.

Featured Species

Lake Sturgeon

The Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) is a member of the Sturgeon (Acipenseridae) family. As a group, sturgeons are considered living fossils, and have changed little from their ancestors of the Devonian Period. The Lake Sturgeon is the only freshwater species of sturgeon in Canadian waters and is the largest freshwater fish in Canada.

Across Canada, the Lake Sturgeon has been dramatically impacted by human activities. Separated into eight units, they have been assessed at various levels of risk by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Species in Canada ( COSEWIC) . Each unit is currently under consideration for listing under the Species at Risk Act.

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