The Strait of Georgia Ecosystem Research Initiative

The Strait of Georgia is the focus of many resource management and scientific issues for Fisheries & Oceans Canada. This marine ecosystem is changing, and may be facing significant stresses. Some of these changes have not been seen before in the Strait of Georgia, and management will benefit from advice that warns and explains these events based on an approach which considers the links among all species and the environment.

The Central Theme of this Ecosystem Research Initiative is "The Strait of Georgia in 2030" -- what might the Strait of Georgia be like in 2030, and what should be done now to respond to current concerns.

Overview and Key Outcomes

Overall, this DFO initiative is intended to provide a foundation for assessing the changes in the Strait of Georgia, evaluate potential management responses to these changes, and to collaborate with research activities in the Strait of Georgia that may be conducted by universities and other interested groups.

Ongoing Research Projects

Funding during the first round of proposals (from January to March 2008) focused on computer modeling activities and gathering historical data for the Strait of Georgia. Funding for the second round (April 2008 to March 2009) was focused on continuing these core projects plus additional work on field studies to support the computer modeling as well as studies to address the two central questions.

Project Documents

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