Science and Research

Understanding the three oceans that surround Canada, as well as Canada's waterways and aquatic resources, is crucial if we want to ensure their sustainability — the challenge that scientists at Fisheries and Oceans Canada face each day.

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Scientists and research centres

Research centres by region

DFO Science operates institutes, laboratories and experimental centres in six operational regions. Refer to the interactive regional map to see DFO's regional boundaries.

Directory of Scientists and Professionals

Search profiles, locations, research interests and accomplishments for scientists and professionals.

Collaboration in Science and Technology

Learn about collaborative opportunities in each region. Download the five-year research agenda.

Careers in science

Careers devoted to promoting the safety, sustainability and survival of our oceans and fresh waters.

Science Awards

Nominate candidates for the Timothy R. Parsons medal or other awards. Download the nomination form.

Our Scientists – From Coast to Coast to Coast

This page showcases our scientists and the important work they do in researching our oceans and aquatic ecosystems, supporting sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, and keeping our waterways accessible and safe.

Scientific publications

Publications and Multimedia

Find scientific reports, videos, articles, podcasts, strategies and plans, annual reports and more.

DFO library catalogue

Perform simple or advanced catalogue searches to access books, journals and government documents.

Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat (CSAS)

Science Advisory Schedule

Peer review addresses scientific questions related to fisheries and ocean management in Canada and the conservation of marine and freshwater resources. Use the online tool to access information about upcoming reviews and past advisory processes.


CSAS provides access to a collection of publications including Science Advisory and Stock Status Reports. Find publications by year, or use the Search function to locate Science Advisory Reports, Science Responses, Research Documents and Proceedings.

Processes, Policies & Guidelines

CSAS maintains high standards for communication and documentation methods and processes. Access the list of links to directives, including policies and standards.

Contact CSAS and the Centres for Science Advice (CSA)

Get in touch with the Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat in the National Capital Region, and Centres for Science Advice around the country. Includes email addresses for general enquiries.

Research and Monitoring Activities

Aquaculture science

Aquatic Ecosystem Science

Atlantic Salmon Research Joint Venture

The Atlantic Salmon Research Joint Venture is bringing the Atlantic Salmon science community together to share resources, science and data to support effective salmon management and conservation.

Research Projects

View projects related to aquaculture, climate change, contaminants, ecosystem science and fisheries.

Aquatic Animal Health

Marine health programs for wild and farmed species, and scientific research on pathogens and parasites.

Atlantic Zone Monitoring Program

Find hydrographic, meteorological and research document data, climate indices and terms of use.

Fisheries Science Collaborative Program (FSCP)

Search for summaries of funded research and fisheries science data by year, region and keyword.

National Contaminants Advisory Group (NCAG)

Funding for external researchers, calls for proposals and examples of funded research projects.

International Deep Sea Exploration Mission

On July 19, a team of Canadian and International scientists set sail from Halifax for a five week exploration of the deep Atlantic ocean.

What we are doing